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Lie on the floor knees bent feet flat

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Stomach neutral position 3,In this exercise lie on the floor with the knees bent, feet flat on the floor, you should be able to feel both the heel and the ball of the foot on the floor. Place your hands at the base of the skull with your elbows back, gently raise the upper body off the floor just a little and lower the shoulders back to the floor, at the same time raising the foot off the floor and turn at the waist and look at the foot you have lifted off the floor. Repeat with the opposite foot. Breath in to prepare, breath out and lift the head off the floor and raise the foot at the same time and turn to the foot you have lifted, breath in and return back to the floor and relax and repeat with the opposite foot.


Care Notes

Keep the neck long and relaxed, lead with the breast bone.

Raise the foot off the floor keeping the knees together.

Keep a neutral spine throughout the movement.

Your shoulders should be relaxed throughout the movement .

The foot should be flat on the floor and you should be able to feel the heel and the ball of the foot evenly balanced through out the movement.

Stop if you feel any discomfort at all.